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About Acne Treatment

Lately, there has been a controversy, rather dangerous one, that treatments for acne and products you buy over the counter might harm you in imaginable ways.

Namely, some people, scientists, and users have reported that acne treatments don’t stop at curing your acne only.They might go deeper into your psyche and cause very serious side effects.

Depression, constant sadness, lack of energy, lowered self-esteem are just one part of the problem.

Luckily not all are like this, but it teaches you to do your research prior buying products to treat your acne or undergoing a doctor’s treatment.

Having that said, let’s go deeper into the concerns people might have around an acne treatment:


Does acne treatment cause depression?

If you are wondering if acne treatment causes depression, the answer is yes. On several occasions, it has been reported that acne treatments that doctors prescribe can cause depression, anxiety, and other mental health disturbances.

However, not all treatments do so. There are few very strong which are being prescribed when nothing else can help with the acne battle. It is important to talk to your dermatologist or doctor before taking any medications for acne. They need to disclose any possible side effects that include depression, anxiety and other things that you are concerned with.

Also, it is of utmost importance that you let your doctor know if you have noticed any changes in behavior, or physiological changes that disturb your normal day-to-day activities like irregular bowel movements, acid reflux, constipation, dry skin, bloated stomach and so on.


Can you get acne from depression?

Can you get acne from depression? Is a common question as well. Yes, you can get acne from depression. Also you existing acne may worsen if you are depressed. Thing is, when you are happy and lively you are self-confident and you don’t care what other people think of you. This automatically affects your wellbeing and you are a healthier person. This way you acne is possible to subside (with proper diet and care, of course).

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However, when you are depressed, you no longer have the will to take good care of yourself. You don’t have the energy to clean your face or to look for acne treatments. Also, depression changes the chemistry in your brain and your entire body, so it is much more possible to cause acne even when you are taking proper care. This is how acne and depression feed on each other.


Can Accutane get rid of acne scars?

“How does Accutane cure acne” and “Can Accutane get rid of acne scars” are the most common questions people ask their doctors. The answer is yes. But there are other things to consider. As I mentioned in the links above, there are products that may cause severe health and mental problems while using them to clear your acne. Accutane is one of those, so you need to be extra careful when taking it. Do your own research if your doctor is uncooperative and look for other acne treatments. Don’t rely on one opinion solely.

Treating acne is important but not at the cost of your overall body health and wellbeing. Other treatments are also available and you need to know that without changing the way you eat, acne will keep on coming back.


What is hormonal acne?

Hormonal acne is important to know when you’re dealing with acne problems. While most of the acne is a result of teenage years, junk food, or dirt, there is a type of acne caused by disturbance of hormones. Girls are more prone to hormonal acne, but guys are also concerned with them. To notice if your acne is hormonal, you need to observe your acne changes, appearance, and disappearance, over a course of a month.

For instance, notice if your acne appears at the same time each month. Notice the place of your acne, and if they are at the same spot every time they appear.

Usually, as you can see on this map, hormonal acne appear on the chin or around the mouth most of the time. It isn’t a rule but it’s a good place to start when observing your problematic skin.

Also, if you are suspecting that a change of hormones is the reason behind your acne, then we suggest you run some tests on hormonal levels to see if your hormones are functioning well. Blood sugar levels and cortisol levels (the stress hormone) are also main causes of the appearance of acne, so make sure to include them in the test as well. If one of those is out of balance, then you have your reason for your uncontrolled acne breakouts.

Make sure not to accept any hormonal pills or other medicaments that will “fix” your hormones because they usually have strong side effects on the overall health of your body. Make dietary and lifestyle changes, including more exercise and you will see hormonal balance right away.


How does acne affect your self-esteem?

We all care about our appearance. We constantly see photos of photoshopped people that have flawless skin when in reality it isn’t so. Even though we know this for a fact, we still strive for that healthy glowing skin. However, impurities are in our existence and sometimes we cannot achieve those abnormal beauty standards. And this is when problems might occur, and it’s how acne affect self-esteem. You start being overly conscious about your appearance.

You think everyone is looking at your acne so you start hiding away, not going out as much, your self-confidence subsides and you’re not the same person anymore. It is important to understand that you are not your acne and you can be happy no matter the condition of your skin. The reason why you are treating your acne should be your health, not to get people to like you. This is an unhealthy mindset that you need to work on.

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