Electrolysis Treatment Overview:

Hair-Free Skin

In the world of advanced technology and modern medicine, people can transform their bodies with different treatments in a matter of minutes.

Speaking of hair removal, there are a couple of available treatments on the market like laser treatments and one of the latest, electrolysis that can be done in your dermatologist’s office.


If you’re wondering that electrolysis is, and if the electrolysis treatment is the right one for you, read further into this guide.



What is electrolysis?

What is electrolysis? If you are looking for hair removal treatment then electrolysis might be the option you want to look into more thoroughly.

The medical electrolysis definition is that it’s a method of removing unwanted hair from the face or the body.

The electrolysis hair removal treatment will destroy the central growth of the hair with devices using chemicals or heat energy. During the treatment, you will see a very thin probe being inserted into the center of the hair follicle, treating it with chemical or heat energy and then the hair is safe to be removed with tweezers. This probe transports a small amount of electricity to each affected area which then “damages” the tissue in charge of revitalizing and re-growing hair once removed.

By doing so, this tissue’s ability to do so is practically gone making this a safe, permanent hair removal treatment.

Almost all areas of the body can have their hair removed by electrolysis hair removal treatment. So if you have unwanted hair around your eyebrows, on your abdomen, legs, face, thighs or breasts, you are a suitable candidate for electrolysis hair removal.

Is electrolysis a permanent hair removal?

Is electrolysis a permanent hair removal? Yes, electrolysis as a hair removing treatment is considered to be able to permanently remove unwanted hair after a certain number of treatments.

The process of inserting the probe into the hair follicle delivers electricity and causes damage to the area which is able to generate hair growth. This is how the electrolysis hair removal works to destroy hair growth tissue and its ability to regrow new hair once removed is practically gone.

How long does electrolysis hair removal last?

How long does electrolysis hair removal last? Being a permanent hair removal treatment, electrolysis is one of the most popular treatments when it comes to removing unwanted hair from the body.

After consulting with your dermatologist, you should expect to undergo at least several electrolysis treatments, once every week, or once every two weeks each.

This is because after each treatment the hair will regrow, however, it will be thinner and weaker so with each following treatment the strength of the hair follicle will be weakened resulting in terminated hair growth.

The number of treatments also depends on the person’s heredity in nature, needs, and hormones as well. Each treatment is expected to last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, more or less, depending on the hair type and the affected area.

How painful is electrolysis hair removal?

How painful is electrolysis hair removal? The electrolysis hair removal is considered to be safe and relatively painless treatment.

However, certain pain is possible to be felt topically on the skin. If this happens and you cannot endure the pain, you can ask your dermatologist to apply topical anesthesia. Note that if done properly, the sole insertion of the probe will not puncture your skin thus you will not see any marks right after.

The only thing that can be seen as an effect afterward is a little bit of redness and a tingling sensation that usually pass within a day or so.

What are the advantages of electrolysis?

What are the advantages of electrolysis? Hair removal electrolysis has plenty of advantages, most of which fall under the category of it being very practical and safe. In addition here are the most common advantages people prefer electrolysis over other treatments for:

What are the disadvantages of electrolysis?

What are the disadvantages of electrolysis? If you are wondering what the disadvantages of electrolysis are, you should know that except for your regenerative tissue being destroyed and not being able to produce any more hair at that area, there are no long-lasting side effects of electrolysis hair removal.

The temporary effects include redness and tingling sensations while and right after each session.

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